I'm wasted, losing time
I'm a foolish, fragile spine
"If I had imagined for one second that I could believe in love, I saw now that I'd been deluding myself. Because it all ends up the same, whether you love them or not. Everyone betrays you, in the end."

I found myself locked in the bathroom at the very point of almost sobbing once again. Watched two scenes already thanks to Borgias ITA and I can’t deal.

Bathroom at work + me = awesome Saturdays OTP.

Posted: 1 year ago
The Borgias Borgiacest I can't even type my feels I want to cry so bad I am going to cry when I watch the entire thing I know it The Borgias spoilers
  1. cathangel said: Aww! Sending you virtual hugs while actually sobbing myself. #canon
  2. sing-little-bird said: Just wait til you see the entire episode…it’s actually flawless
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