I'm wasted, losing time
I'm a foolish, fragile spine
"If I had imagined for one second that I could believe in love, I saw now that I'd been deluding myself. Because it all ends up the same, whether you love them or not. Everyone betrays you, in the end."

"Who could ship them?"

Only 98% of the fandom, love.

Posted: 1 year ago
I am still laughing at this hater omg borgiacest cesare x lucrezia cesare and lucrezia lucresare
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    WHAT are this people? Like, seriously?
  7. celitalaloca said: apenas vi el piloto y poco más y aún así los shipeo. Y yo no soy una cochina como vos XD
  8. nataliedormr said: ha. don’t they watch the show?
  9. funnyhatsandsarcasm said: The writers, the actors, almost everyone I know who watches this show. Incest is on the rise in fiction so it’s not like they are on their own incest island.
  10. pammynorthman said: It would seem the show’s writers are among those that ship them xD
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