I'm wasted, losing time
I'm a foolish, fragile spine
"If I had imagined for one second that I could believe in love, I saw now that I'd been deluding myself. Because it all ends up the same, whether you love them or not. Everyone betrays you, in the end."
Can someone tell me WTF is going on?

Can someone tell me WTF is going on?

Posted: 1 year ago
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    This hat !!!
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  5. sherrilina answered: Lmao omg this picture: “Do you like my hat?”
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    What is Elisabeth II doing here?
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    These two.
  13. seriu-seriu answered: He’s dressed as the future.
  14. cathangel answered: It’s like the writers asked themselves: how can we make Rodrigo look like a paranoid & ridiculous looking old man all season long? LMAO
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  16. legendarium-enthusiast answered: I believe we have a new blushing bride
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