I'm wasted, losing time
I'm a foolish, fragile spine
"If I had imagined for one second that I could believe in love, I saw now that I'd been deluding myself. Because it all ends up the same, whether you love them or not. Everyone betrays you, in the end."

TV AT IT’S BEST, 2013 │#1
└ Black Mirror

Posted: 9 months ago
Black Mirror Charlie Brooker Hayley Atwell Domhnall Gleeson Lenora Crichlow Michael Smiley Daniel Rigby Tobias Menzies Channel 4 The Waldo Moment White Bear Be Right Back Mine tvsbest13 I can't describe how much I love this show and I think this gifset does no justice at all WATCH IT You won't regret it this is only for S2 btw S1 is even better

TV AT IT’S BEST, 2013 │#2
└ Utopia

Posted: 9 months ago
Utopia Utopia Experiments Utopia Series Nathan Stewart-Jarrett Jessica Hyde Fiona O'Shaughnessy Alexandra Roach Adeel Akhtar Oliver Woollford Neil Maskell Paul Higgins Emilia Jones Mine tvsbest13 Amazing show beautiful in every sense of the word violent and weird brilliant score quality tv

TV AT IT’S BEST, 2013 │#3
└ The Borgias

Posted: 9 months ago
The Borgias borgiasedit Cesare Borgia Lucrezia Borgia Cesare x Lucrezia Cesare and Lucrezia Borgiacest Rodrigo Borgia Caterina Sforza vanozza dei cattanei vanozza cattaneo Micheletto Corella Pascal alfonso d'aragona Mine tvsbest13 François Arnaud Holliday Grainger Jeremy Irons Joanne Whalley Sean Harris Sebastian De Souza Gina Mckee

TV AT IT’S BEST, 2013 │#4
└ Game Of Thrones

Posted: 9 months ago
Game Of Thrones GOT gotedit daenerys targaryen Tyrion Lannister Robb Stark Catelyn Tully Arya Stark Sansa Stark Jaime Lannister Cersei Lannister Jon Snow ygritte margaery tyrell queen of thorns Mine tvsbest13

TV AT IT’S BEST, 2013 │#5
└ My Mad Fat Diary

Posted: 9 months ago
My Mad Fat Diary MMFD mmfdedit Rae Earl Finn Nelson nico mirallegro Sharon Rooney Finn x Rae British TV Jodie Comer Ciara Baxendale Dan Cohen Ian Hart Sophie Wright Mine tvsbest13 No matter what age you are you should watch this show is absolutely fantastic I would place it higher if I wasn't so in love with the other 4 shows

TV AT IT’S BEST, 2013 │#6
└ Orphan Black

Posted: 9 months ago
Orphan Black obedits Tatiana Maslany cosima niehaus alison hendrix Sarah Manning Helena Elizabeth Childs felix dawkins jordan gavaris paul dierden dylan bruce mine tvsbest13

TV AT IT’S BEST, 2013 │#7
└ Broadchurch

Posted: 9 months ago
Broadchurch Broadchurchedit David Tennant Olivia Colman Alec Hardy Ellie Miller Andrew Buchan Jodie Whittaker David Bradley Arthur Darvill Charlotte Beaumont ITV1 British TV Mine tvsbest13

TV AT IT’S BEST, 2013 │#8
└ Dracula

Posted: 9 months ago
Dracula jonathan rhys meyers katie mcgrath draculaedit jessica de gouw Alexander Grayson Mina Murray lucy westenra Jonathan Harker Renfield Van Helsing Lady Jayne Oliver Jackson-Cohen Thomas Kretschmann Victoria Smurfit Nonso Anozie Mine tvsbest13 Westenray Alexander x Mina Dracula x Mina Jonathan x Mina Lucy x Mina

TV AT IT’S BEST, 2013 │#9
└ AHS Coven

Posted: 9 months ago
American Horror Story AHS Coven ahsedit Evan Peters Jessica Lange Lily Rabe Sarah Paulson emma roberts frances conroy taissa farmiga zoe benson kyle spencer madison montgomery fiona goode cordelia foxx misty day Kathy Bates Mine tvsbest13

TV AT IT’S BEST, 2013 │#10
└ The Crash

Posted: 9 months ago
The Crash Lily Loveless Sacha Parkinson Lewis Rainer Georgia Henshaw Darcy Isa Josh Bolt BBC Three Mine British TV I really should have placed this show higher I cried while giffing this I will never be the same thanks to this mini series tvsbest13